Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

Best Practice Guide for Web Offset Printers 2

Indian Printer and Publisher has been serialising chapters from the Best Practice Guide for Web Offset Printers since February 2010. This is a well-illustrated how to manual produced by the Web Offset Champion Group for both heatset and coldset web offset printers. Meant for the pressroom, the guide has been dealing with paper grades, roll handling, auto-paster and splicer characteristics, splice patterns, and splicer and make ready. The Web Offset Champion Group consists of Aylesford Newsprint, Kodak, manroland, Megtec, Muller Martini, Nitto Denko, QuadTech, SCA, Sun Chemical and Trelleborg.

The first chapter that we had carried in 13 installments was Roll to Web Processing. From March 2011 we have been printing the second chapter from this guide — Web Break Prevention and Diagnosis. So far we have carried the sections on Economic impact of web breaks, Web break analysis, Web break, web wander and shift, Creases and wrinkles, Detection and control, Web breaks in relation to production system and Web tension. The present issue carries the section on Ambient press environment. Our subsequent issues would carry the sections on Web breaks and mis-splices related to paster/splicer, infeed and web guide, Ink and dampening, Printing units, Heatset drying system and air turns, Chill roll stand, Folder, and Roll and paper diagnosis.

This guide developed with the help of IFRA, aims at achieving a splice efficiency of over 99%. A valuable tool to reduce wastage in the reel room and the press room, the guide also discusses reel storage and runnability issues. Make sure your subscription is up to date so that you do not miss any of the subsequent instalments of the Web Break Prevention and Diagnosis Guide. You can order multiple copies of Indian Printer and Publisher at special rates by writing to